Become A Silent Zombie Assassin With Dying Light's Second Free Content Drop

The second of ten content drops for Dying Light arrives and changes the stealth aspect of the zombie action title. 


While Techland did announce in advance that the team would continue support for Dying Light with twelve months of free content drops, what those drops contain wasn't already established. The decision was made because of continued community support and the second drop is a prime example of this, as the team reached out to their community to see what they'd like to have in the game. They answered the call and a new silencer for the American and German 9mm pistols is available now.

Finding ways to maneuver around while not attracting the attention of virals is a key aspect of gameplay in Dying Light, even more so when the sun goes down. Any sound can bring attention, but this silencer gives you a powerful way to take down Virals with no concerns for drawing more enemies. At night, the gun won't attract the attention of the more powerful Volatiles either.

The silencer itself won't deteriorate and has no cooldown for use, but you will need special subsonic ammo for the pistol's equipped with the new accessory. The ammo can be found in abandoned police vans, which anyone who has played Dying Light knows are already substantial resources in the game's open world.

Techland also recently announced the new competitive survival expansion Bad Blood, where players would have to collect the blood of virals to earn safe passage out of the danger zone. The mode will be undergoing a global playtest and you can sign up here. Dying Light is available at a discount on Gemly, currently. The base game is $17.99 and the Enhanced Edition with The Following expansion is $23.99.

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