The Predator Is Free DLC For Ghost Recon Wildlands

The dev team teased a big reveal involving the Predator in a new special event and it turns out you'll be able to hunt with friends while being hunted in return.


The more we learn about this, the more perfect the mashup of Predator and Ghost Recon feels. Yesterday, Ubisoft teased us all with a Ghost Recon Wildlands clip that showed a few men getting hunted in the jungle. It ended with the classic Predator voice-click and a note to tune in today for more news. The secret is out and Ubisoft has revealed the new event to be a mission for up to four players that pits you against a Predator that's equipped with all of its classic tools and weapons, including the cloaking device.

The special event starts tomorrow, December 14, and will include a collection of new content. The Predator Pack will include the classic Predator wrist blades and helmet and a new Predator class inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger's character Dutch form the original film will be added to the Ghost War PvP. To earn the new gear (15 items inspired by the film), you'll have to defeat the universe's greatest hunter.

The Predator itself will move quickly, jump into the trees, taunt the players, and maneuver while using its cloaking device. It's equipped with the Plasma Caster and Smart Disc, with both likely able to take players out swiftly. The developers have tailored the difficulty of this event to match the Predator lore, so expect the toughest event in Ghost Recon Wildlands yet. You can attempt the event with up to three other Ghosts or go it alone if you're feeling really brave.

The idea for this crossover was sparked when Predator hit its 30th anniversary this year in June. The dev team already had a good relationship with 20th Century Fox, which led to a discussion that bore the fruit we see today and will play December 14 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

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