Destiny 2 - How to Get Masterwork Cores

Learn the best way to get your hands on Masterwork Cores is Destiny 2.


Masterwork cores went from being relatively rare and not commonly used to frustratingly difficult to acquire and absolutely critical to increasing Power level. Getting a good amount of Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2 can be difficult, especially for those who are just joining in and have none. However, there are ways, though expensive and costly, to get Masterwork Cores.

How to Get Masterwork Cores

Masterwork Cores can currently be acquired from various sources in Destiny 2. Players who wish to infuse their gear or raise their weapons through the ten tiers will need to amass a large supply of Masterwork Cores.

  • Dismantling Tier 4+ weapons
  • Purchased from Spider
  • Dropped from bosses after using Finest Matterweave
  • Rewarded on completion of Weekly Clan challenge at Rank 6

Probably the best means of getting Masterwork Cores is to rank up with the Gunsmith to earn packages. Each package contains a gun, and dismantling a weapon that has a Tier 4 or higher Masterwork on it is guaranteed to drop a Masterwork Core. Because all gear, even armor, drops Gunsmith Materials, players will find they have thousands of these redeemable items to give to Banshee-44. Each rank-up requires roughly 100 Gunsmith Materials, so plan accordingly.

The other method is to use a Finest Matterweave, as this is a guaranteed way to get a Masterwork Core. How the Finest Matterweave works is that the buff will remain on the character until a Masterwork Core drops from a mini-boss or boss enemy. Simply use a Finest Matterweave and go about your business, completing bounties and getting Prime Engams, until you receive a Masterwork Core.

Purchasing Masterwork Cores from Spider is also an option, but they are horrendously expensive. Every time a Masterwork Core is purchased, the price of the next one increases exponentially. This method should only be used if players have an excessive amount of Legendary Shards or they require one or two cores. The price resets daily, so spreading out the purchases can be a good idea if there are no imminent infusions needed.

Finally, once a clan has reached Rank 6, completing a Weekly Clan challenge rewards a Masterwork Core. It might take a while for most clans to reach Rank 6, but it’s worth the effort for a free Masterwork Core.

Unfortunately, getting Masterwork Cores in Destiny 2: Forsaken is far more important now than it ever was in vanilla Destiny 2. With infusion requiring Masterwork Cores and upgrading the tiers of weapons requiring Masterwork Cores, players will want to get their hands on as many as possible. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Completely Strategy Guide for more Destiny 2 coverage!

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