Destiny 2 - What is a Three of Coins?

Three of Coins makes its first appearance in Destiny 2 to help players land more exotic items.


Believe it or not, earning exotic weapons and armor in Destiny 2 is a lot easier than it was in the original Destiny. Another example of something that Bungie has made more accessible to help the casual Guardians out there. However, some exotics can slip through the cracks, or maybe you upset RNGesus and can’t get a drop. That’s where the Three of Coins comes in, a single use consumable that will up the chances you get exotic drops as you play the game.

What is Three of Coins?

Three of Coins is a single use consumable that you buy from Xur when the Agent of the Nine makes his weekly visit to Destiny 2. It will be listed below his regular inventory of exotics, but we don’t currently know how many Legendary Shards a Three of Coins will cost. Once you own one, you can use it from your inventory and apply it to your Guardian. This will up your chances of receiving exotic drops in all activities that you complete for the next four hours.

Should I Buy Three of Coins?

Whether or not I can recommend that you buy a Three of Coins consumable will depend on several factors. If you need a bump in Power and you’re out of weekly activities to complete, Three of Coins makes a lot of sense. If you have a lot of exotics left to collect, grabbing up a stack of Three of Coins might help you knock a few off the list. Other than that, though, I feel that there will be better ways to complete your exotic collections in Destiny 2, like the Fated Engram.

Best Way to Use Three of Coins

Currently, the best way to farm for an exotic engram in Destiny 2 is by grinding heroic public events on the planet that holds that week’s Flashpoint. I can’t recall the last day that I didn’t get an exotic playing Destiny 2 and completing public events, so that remains the go-to way to get one to drop in my opinion. If you add the Three of Coins to that, you’re only upping your odds of getting that exotic drop. You’re taking the best method of exotic farming and making it better.

I can see the usefulness of Three of Coins for some Guardians, but Destiny 2 has a bad habit of giving you exotics that you already own, which is why it should primarily be used to boost Power, not complete your collections. If you’re trying to put the finishing touches on your exotic collection, the Fated Engram, or buying straight from Xur, remains your best option.

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