Ruvo Korbah Shrine - Breath of the Wild

Tough challeges await heroes looking to conquer the Champions' Ballad's Ruvo Korbah shrine.


After kicking off The EX Champions' Ballad quest, the Hero of Time is granted access to the Obliterator, a one-hit-kill weapon that reduces his health to just one quarter of one heart. The remainder of this initial stage of the quest requires that Link clear out four enemy camps as well as four different shrines without taking a single hit, as taking any damage at all results in a Game Over. Don Link's stealth armor and prepare for some tough battles.

Cleaning Up Shop

The latest enemy camp that Link must clear out is just south of the Temple of Time. From the temple, head out to the southeast corner of the mountain and look down over the enemy camp, taking note of the Bokoblin riders. Once again, approach cautiously using stealth to get the drop on enemies or take to the skies with Bomb Arrows in order to take out enemies before making a quick retreat. Circle around the camp, clearing off any enemies that get too close, making sure to dodge incoming fire from archers.

Once all of Lizalfos and Bokoblin riders have been properly dealt with, the Ruvo Korbah Shrine will emerge from the earth. Open the chest above the rocks to grab a bundle of 10 Arrows, activate the shrine's terminal, then step inside.

Ruvo Korbah Shrine - A Major Test of Strength

Heroes dropping into the shrine will hear the disembodied voice of Ruvo Korbah, and will undoubtedly notice the shrine's wet floors. Proceed into the flooded arena, quickly dodge any incoming attack from the guardian, then get in one good swipe from the Obliterator to vanquish the ancient. Collect its gear if desired, then head to the back of the room through the entryway.

Walk up the stairs and open the chest to receive 10 Bomb Arrows, then continue up the stairs and step on the pressure plate to lower the platform in the previous room. Float down the opening, take note of the keyed door in front, then turn left to be greeted with a smaller guardian. Carefully dispatch it, then continue down the path and clear out two more guardians. Ignore the treasure chest beneath the platform for now, climb down the stairs and take out the two guardians to the left side. Continue left down the furthest passageway, then take another left to find the treasure chest. Open it to receive a Giant Ancient Core.

Double back the way you came and climb the ladder by the previous staircase. Walk across the platform and open the chest to receive the Small Key.

Drop off the ledge and use the key to open the door. On the other side will be a large room with a flooded central platform. Walking onto it will drop four guardians, one on each platform and one on the bridge above. Duck behind the walls and dispatch them with Bomb or Ancient Arrows, making sure not to take any damage; alternatively, use Statis on the big guardian on the bridge and take out the others while it's frozen. Then approach the staircase on either side, climb up the platform, and use the Obliterator to consign the powerful guardian to the history books.

Once the room has been cleared, the final door will open. Step through and speak to the monk Ruvo Korbah and claim the Spirit Orb.

There are three other shrines that must be cleared as part of the beginning of the Champions' Ballad adventure, so be sure to check out our guides to the Rohta Chigah Shrine and the Yowaka Ita Shrine. Beyond that, be on the lookout for our complete Breath of the Wild Champions' Ballad walkthrough and guide.

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