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Destiny 2 - How to Get Advanced Paradox Amplifier

Everything you need to know about getting Advanced Paradox Amplifiers in Curse of Osiris.


Destiny 2 seems to be slowly adding in more and more inventory items for you to collect, with some of the most important resources being tied to the Lost Prophecy tablets. An important element in crafting new weapons at the Infinite Forge is the Advanced Paradox Amplifier, so it’s crucial you know how to get your hands on them easily.

How to Get Advanced Paradox Amplifier

The Advanced Paradox Amplifier is the second-most difficult to acquire material necessary for use with the Lost Prophecy tablets. The only way to get an Advanced Paradox Amplifier is by playing Strikes, Crucible matches, or Heroic Adventures. At the end of any of these activities, you will have a chance to receive an Advanced Paradox Amplifier or even just a Paradox Amplifier. This is somewhat similar to getting the Fossilized Hermaion Blossom resource.

If you manage to get 10 Paradox Amplifiers, you can take them to Brother Vance and trade them for 1 Advanced Paradox Amplifier.

You will want to get as many Advanced Paradox Amplifiers as possible, as there are eight Lost Prophecy Tablet guns that require the rare resource:

  • The Conqueror 2, SMG
  • Jack Queen King 3, Hand Cannon
  • Traveler’s Judgement, Sidearm
  • Sol Pariah 6, SMG
  • West Sunfall 7, Hand Cannon
  • Infinite Paths 8, Pulse Rifle
  • Null Calamity 9, Auto Rifle
  • Future Safe 10, Sword

To craft all of the Lost Prophecy guns at the Infinite Forge, you will need to collect 16 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers throughout your playtime. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee yourself an Advanced Paradox Amplifier, you will just need to play more and keep grinding for those drops. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more Curse of Osiris information.

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