Destiny 2 - How to Get Fossilized Hermaion Blossom

Learn what you need to do to get Fossilized Hermaion Blossom in Destiny 2.


If you’re not already crafting weapons in Curse of Osiris using the Infinite Forge, you need to get on that. It’s a pretty lengthy process – we’ve even got a write-up on the Lost Prophecy Tablets and Weapon Forge – but there’s another thing you need to know about, and that’s Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms. This peculiar little material is required in the production of a few Lost Prophecies, and it can be a bit tricky to get your hands on.

How to Get Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms

The Fossilized Hermaion Blossom is arguably the rarest material out of the three you need to craft weapons at the Infinite Forge. In order to get your hands on a single drop of this item, you need to play Nightfall Stikes, Trials of the Nine matches, or Heroic Strikes. Keep in mind that there is only a chance for you to receive a Fossilized Hermaion Blossom, so be prepared for quite a bit of grinding.

However, you will need to get your hands on at least 7 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms if you want to complete all of the Lost Prophecy Tablets. The following guns require the rare material in order to be crafted:

  • Traveler’s Judgement, Sidearm
  • West of Sunfall, Hand Cannon
  • Infinite Paths, Pulse Rifle
  • Null Calamity 9, Auto Rifle

Much like the other materials, there’s no guaranteed way to get the Fossilized Hermaion Blossom to drop, but it’s safe to say that the Prestige Nightfall, with its extremely rewarding loot, offers a pretty attractive opportunity to improve your odds. Your best bet is to simply keep playing the content that rewards the material you’re after.

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