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Xenoblade Chronicles 2 - Crane Criminals Walkthrough

There's a bit of a mystery involving a damaged crane and here are your tips for solving it all.


In the first major town you come across in Xenoblade Chronicles 2, you'll eventually come across an NPC that tells you of a crane that has been damaged by some sneaky assailants. As you engage in conversation with those that are aware of this happening, you'll be tasked with two side-quests: Crane Criminals and Repairing Torigoth's Crane. Here are the tips to get you through this quest quickly.

Repairing Torigoth's Crane

After gaining enough information after talking to residents, you’ll be tasked with helping to fix the damaged crane. You must find Winding Gear by salvaging at the salvage points in the area. We listed the nearby salvage points in our guide for finding the artificial blade parts and the same ones can be used here.

Crane Criminals

After collecting information, you’ll get a tip that a couple shadows have appeared at a giant tree near Torigoth. Exit the town and look slightly to the right. You’ll see a giant tree off in the distance and it has a ladder that goes up to a treasure chest. At night, two monsters will appear in front of the tree and, once you take them out, you’ll have defeated the crane criminals and be able to complete the quest!

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