Destiny 2 - Curse of Osiris Campaign Walkthrough

A step-by-step walkthrough of each mission in Curse of Osiris.


Destiny 2’s first piece of DLC, Curse of Osiris, has launched, ushering Guardians on a new adventure to find the greatest Warlock of all time, Osiris, and discover what the Vex are up to on Mercury. Though the length of the campaign clocks in between 3 and 5 hours, there is more to collect and do once the it’s over. Below is our complete Curse of Osiris campaign walkthrough for Destiny 2.

The Gateway – Mercury

The Vex stir on Mercury, and legendary outcast Osiris is involved. Head to the Lighthouse to investigate.

Recommended Power: 200

The first mission you’ll be playing in Curse of Osiris in Destiny 2 is called The Gateway. Begin by heading to Mercury and then toward the gate to the Infinite Forest – the large pulsing pyramid. When you reach the gate, be prepared for a fight as you will enter a Darkness Zone. Fight your way back to the Lighthouse where you will need to defeat a Gatelord and then destroy the floating cube to continue.

A Deadly Trial – Trostland, EDZ

Brother Vance says there’s a Temple of Osiris in the EDZ where you can revive Sagira.

Recommended Power: 200

Continue on to the EDZ to begin the next mission. You must rendezvous with the followers of Osiris at the temple and to do so, you will need to steal a Fallen Heavy Pike.

You’ll come across a few Fallen enemies and a Walker, take it them and continue into Hangman’s Pass. Clear out the radio tower of its Fallen infestation, then climb to the top and drop down the shaft in the middle. Put Sagira into the book and the mission will be completed.

Beyond Infinity – The Lighthouse, Mercury

It’s time to enter the Infinite Forest and find Osiris. Be prepared for anything.

Recommended Power: 210

Your next mission requires you to take Sagira to the Infinite Forest. Move through the Infinite Forest, following the Reflections of Osiris as he shows you the past and future realities. Continue into the dark future he foresaw and then escape from Panoptes.

Speak to Ikora Rey – Bazaar, The Last City

Head back to the Tower and talk with Ikora to begin the next step of your journey.

Deep Storage – The Rupture, Echo Mesa, Io

Search the Pyramidion on Io for a map of the Infinite Forest to guide you to Panoptes.

Recommended Power: 210

The next major step in the Curse of Osiris campaign is to head to Io, activate the quest marker, and fight through the Pyramidion. Once you reach the end of the Strike level, fend off the Vex attack while activating the sync plates and then get Sagira to scan the Conflux.

Tree of Probabilities – The Lighthouse, Mercury

Now you know where to find the map of the Infinite Forest. Go and get it.

Recommended Power: 220

This mission tasks you with venturing back to the Infinite Forest. Kill enemies while. After you reach the end of the Infinite Forest and enter the next area, you will be able to summon your Sparrow to move through the section quickly.

You’ll reach a section that has a lot of three-beam lasers, these damage you so be careful not to hit them. Continue along until you need to jump off your Sparrow to proceed. Fight up and around the curve and enter the spherical room.

From here, you’ll need to damage Valus Thuun as he makes his way toward the map. Taking down a chunk of his health makes him jump away, leaving you to deal with a wave of enemies and the three-beam lasers again. Defeat the enemies then follow Valus Thuun, damaging him at each stage, until he’s dead. Hack the sphere to end the mission.

Hijacked – Artifact’s Edge, Arcadian Valley, Nessus

Hunt down a Vex Mind that can read your map of the Infinite Forest and point the way to Panoptes.

Recommended Power: 220

The next mission in the Curse of Osiris campaign tasks you with heading to Nessus. Use the Artifact’s Edge fast travel point in order to reach the mission banner. One of Ikora’s Hidden has located an Entangled Mind, find it and kill it in order to understand the map. The mission will lead you deep into a cave system where you’ll find the Entangled Mind, a Vex Hydra, kill it to receive the Vex Entangled Mind Core.

Take the Vex Entangled Mind Core to the next location and fight your way through the room with the Conflux. Use the appearing platforms to make your way up to the Conflux, defeat the Hydra, and then activate it.

A Garden World – The Lighthouse, Mercury

Enter the Infinite Forest and steal the algorithm that will let you track Panoptes in the present.

Recommended Power: 230

The mission A Garden World requires you to fight through the Infinite Forest to enter the past. You will arrive in the past version of Mercury, when the Traveler was still on the planet. Fight your way to the spire and then to the top, destroying the Vex cubes along the way. Here you’ll find a massive Cyclops and another cube to destroy. Destroying the cube activates the fight. Once the Cyclops is dead, head to the top of the spire to complete the mission.

Talk to Ikora Rey – Bazaar, The Last City

Head back to the Tower and talk with Ikora about what to do next.

Omega – The Lighthouse, Mercury

Enter the Infinite Foreset and defeat Panoptes now, before a Vex victory becomes inevitable.

Recommended Power: 230

Now that Ikora Rey is up to speed, head back to Mercury and hunt down Panoptes. You will eventually make your way to Panoptes, where you must fight him. If you’re having trouble with the fight, check out our comprehensive guide on how to destroy Panoptes. Once the Vex known as Panoptes has been defeated, you can claim your rewards and get on with the other activities in Curse of Osiris!

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