BBC Launches New VR Studio, Calls Out The Lack Of Quality Content

Some experiments and research has inspired the media powerhouse to create its own VR division.


There are certainly some impressive experiences to behold in the VR ecosystem, but BBC's Head of Content Zillah Watson believes there's room for more. Beyond that BBC's research shows that, if more high-quality content isn't created with a less cumbersome experience, the VR platform will have trouble reaching the mainstream. This is all fairly understood already, but BBC is putting its thoughts into action with the launch of a new studio called VR Hub.

The new initiative was detailed on BBC's blog, which shared that some experimenting with VR coupled with platform research led to the creation of VR Hub. Some content has already been shared with the public, but this is a formal dive into the medium.

"We want to excite audiences by creating the most enthralling experiences imaginable using the power of VR," Watson says. "So with every commission, we will target a specific set of audience needs and occasions, ensuring that each piece is compelling enough to make people want to put on a headset."

Within the hub, program makers and digital experts will be working with BBC to create content across various genres. Nothing is certain in the VR industry and you can look to the close of CCP as an example but, for every closure, there seems to be a new project like Vive Arts spawning somewhere else. Hopefully, VR Hub will bear long-lasting fruit and fill the immersive ecosystem with content the mass market gravitates toward.

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