Destiny 2 Limited Edition Ghost Speaker has Amazon Alexa Commands

A clever marketing idea brings Destiny's Ghosts and Amazon's Echo assistant together for a physical device that can help you with weapon loadouts.


Assistants like Amazon's Alexa are godsends for convenience and Bungie wants to tap Alexa's functionality in a cool way. The best Guardians in Destiny 2 have different loadouts and, courtesy of a partnership between Amazon and Activision, Guardians will be able to utilize an integrated companion called Ghost Skill to switch between them on the fly.

Reported by Polygon, The Destiny 2 Ghost Skill will not only assist players with loadouts, but is also equipped to answer questions about various Destiny 2 events and mechanics. You'll be able to ask about recommended activities or milestones to pursue, check who's online in your Clan and request help, ask about Destiny 2 lore, and more.

Destiny 2 Ghost, which works with all versions of the game, is available for download right now for Alexa enabled devices, but there's an immersive option you may want to consider as well. A limited edition Ghost will be available for $89.99 on December 19 and requires an Alexxa-enabled device to pair it with.

Are you looking forward to the physical Ghost? Is this new integration and Bungie's recent plans to improve Destiny 2 enough to bring you back/keep you in the game? Let us know in Chatty.

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