Destiny 2 - Emperor Calus Challenge, Leviathan Raid

Learn how to complete the Emperor Calus Challenge in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid.


This week’s Leviathan raid Challenge mode is Emperor Calus himself, the exiled emperor of the Cabal. You will need to bring your highest DPS loadout to the fight, as your damage will be significantly reduced thanks to the challenge.

Emperor Calus Challenge, Leviathan Raid

To complete the Destiny 2 Emperor Calus Challenge, during a damage phase, all plates must be activated at the same time before any damage is dealt to Emperor Calus. What this means is that, once everyone returns to the throne room after killing skulls, the team will need to jump onto each of the four platforms at the same time, and then attack Calus.

Overall, this challenge is relatively simple to initiate, as you will just want to assign a few people to each of the four platforms so that they’re all activated at once. The difficulty is in trying to deal enough damage to Calus using what is essentially a quarter of the usual damage potential.

To alleviate some of the pressure, assign each player a plate, and stack three players on a single plate (preferably one closer to Calus) in order to maximise abilities and buffs. Ideally, you will want a Warlock, Titan, and Hunter on the 3-person plate, as having two Warlocks on a plate wastes a Rift, and having two Titans on a plate wastes a Barricade.

It’s a good idea that the plate with three people take Calus’ attention, that way his crit spot (head or stomach) is facing the largest group of people, allowing you to deal more damage.

The fight should play out the same, with the throne room team killing enemies and taking down the correct Councilor when it’s called. To increase your potential damage, it can be a good idea to have a 4-2 split, with 4 players in the mind realm taking down skulls in order to reach a 90+ Force of Will, and two proficient fighters in the throne room clearing adds.

The Destiny 2 Emperor Calus Challenge is reasonably easy with the only problem being the limited damage output a team is able to achieve each round. If you’re struggling with the Calus fight, have a read of our Leviathan raid guide to brush up on the mechanics. We’ve also got a Destiny 2 complete strategy guide containing everything you need to know about the game!

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