Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Is Releasing Worldwide This Week

Kiss all that free time you had goodbye. 


With the holidays fast approaching, Nintendo has finally gone ahead and let the cat out of the bag. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is debuting worldwide on mobile devices everywhere on November 22. That’s this week, if anyone was keeping track. Wednesday, to be exact!

You could be hanging out with all your new animal pals at your own adorable campground in just a couple of days — that is, if you didn’t already make an Australian App Store account and download the game ahead of its official launch.

The official @AnimalCrossing Twitter broke the news this evening, with Isabelle making the announcement personally. The latest Nintendo mobile title is going to make its official debut just in time for Thanksgiving campground tending and lots of mobile device obsession over the holidays.

That’s a good thing, in case your Uncle Albert wants to tell a whole bunch of boring stories about his vacation. We don’t really use slides anymore, but we definitely have phones and lots of storage, which might be worse.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp puts you in the shoes of a new campground manager, whose job it is to make sure your visitors are happy, entertained, and safe — and build the best darn camp area you can, of course. You can customize your own camper, make new animal friends, and even have your IRL friends visit. It’s going to be an absolute blast, and it’s about time to go ahead and jump into the game proper.

If you’re going to be checking it out, make sure you check back at Modojo @ Shacknews for some helpful tips to get you started. Even if you’re an Animal Crossing veteran, a few pointers could always get you in the right direction, you know. Especially with Tom Nook lurking around. 

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