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Kickstarter's Drip is the Long-Term Fundraising Answer to Patreon

The first part of a Drip campaign mirrors Kickstarter's standard crowdfunding and then transitions into a Patreon-esq format.


Kickstarter and Patreon have built up a degree of notoriety in their respective lanes, but it looks like one of them is about to cross streams with the other. Kickstarter give consumers an opportunity to support the creation of a project with a one-time investment while Patreon allows for long-term support with financial aid at regular increments, but Kickster is introducing a new Patreon competitor called Drip.

The Patreon platform not only gives creators a means for financial support, it gives them an opportunity to cultivate a more intimate and direct relationship with their communities with early access to content, exclusives, and more. Kickstarter provided a similar opportunity by removing the middleman between the product and the consumer, though that has been a double-edged sword at times.

Reported by, Drip will access Kickstarter's 14 million users and start with a founding membership period between seven and 30 days that offers unique subscription tiers to those early to fund. Projects will need to be fully funded at the end of the 30 days and then it will transition into a Patreon-like sustainable program. Patreon was recently valued at $450 million, for the record.

This gives creatives another credible avenue to earn while doing the things they love and, hopefully, the competition between Patreon and Kickstarter will cultivate an even better platform for creatives in the long-term and give independent entities a better chance at surviving.

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