Assassin's Creed Origins - Trial of Anubis

How to defeat Anubis in Assassin’s Creed Origins’ Trial of the Gods.


Assassin’s Creed Origins has its first Trial of the Gods event, a limited-time challenge where players can take on, and attempt to kill, one of the many gods of ancient Egypt. Successfully completing an event for the first time will reward you with an extremely powerful weapon, and collecting all four weapons across all of the events rewards you with a highly coveted legendary outfit.

The first challenge facing players in Assassin’s Creed Origins is the Trial of Anubis, the God of the Dead. The recommended level for this fight is 40, but you can attempt it earlier, it’ll just be a hell of a lot more difficult.

The Trial of Anubis is only available for a short time, so give it a shot while you can. If you haven’t managed to defeat Anubis before the event expires, you can try again next time the Trial of Anubis is live. If you're yet to unlock the Isu Armor, take some time to find all tombs to give yourself a better chance of completing this tough challenge.

How to Beat the Trial of Anubis

Before you begin your fight with Anubis, stock up on arrows and ensure you upgrade your quiver to hold more shots – the fight is predominantly about shooting arrows. With all your gear in order, open up the Quest menu and find the Trial of Anubis quest. Head to Siwa and then out into the Great Sand Sea to find the Animus glitch, getting close enough will activate the fight with Anubis.

In order to defeat Anubis during the Trial of Anubis quest, you must use your arrows to shoot him in his glowing chest. It’s a good idea to constantly move when firing your arrows, as his attacks deal a lot of damage and standing still makes it easier for him to hit you.

When Anubis’ chest stops glowing, soldiers will appear that you must kill before being able to damage him again. However, dealing damage to and killing the soldiers affects Anubis’ health. After enough damage is dealt, Anubis will die and you'll receive your reward.

Anubis' Attacks

Most of Anubis’ attacks can be easily dodged as they are telegraphed through a visual on the ground. The hyena and sand storm attacks are both highlighted by red cones, giving you enough time to reposition.

Shadow Hyenas – Anubis will send out shadowy hyenas in a straight line and, depending on Anubis’ health, the pattern will change: one at a time, then in pairs, then rapid-fire. Use Bayek’s dodge ability to easily side-step them, though you may need to wait until they get close so they don’t change direction.

Sand Storm – Anubis summons the power of Egypt and sends a large sand storm toward you. Standing in the storm rapidly drains your health, so move out of it as soon as possible.

Real Hyenas – Anubis will send out a pack of real hyenas to attack Bayek. Treat them like you would a usual pack of hyenas.

Anubis Solders – As mentioned before, Anubis will summon a group of masked soldiers to fight you. A bone arena will appear out of the ground, trapping you with one or all of the soldiers. You can break out of the arena, but keep an eye out for Anubis’ other attacks – he will throw Shadow Hyenas at you during this, along with the sand storm.

Make sure to take time to collect the loot around the arena as you fight, as this is the only way you can replenish your arrow supply. Once Anubis’ health bar is depleted, you will be rewarded with the Conductor of Souls sword. The Conductor of Souls has a higher Critical Hit rate, better Combo Multiplier, and a Health on Kill effect.

The Trial of Anubis fight is certainly a tough one, but the reward is well-worth the effort. In the event you weren’t able to defeat Anubis, don’t worry, as you can try the fight again while the quest is active. If after the week you still haven’t completed the Trial of Anubis, you will be able to give it another attempt when the quest comes back next time.

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