Destiny 2 - The Gauntlet Challenge, Leviathan Raid

Learn the best way to complete The Gauntlet Challenge in the Destiny 2 raid.


The Leviathan raid’s next challenge has been revealed, and Destiny 2 players everywhere are scrambling to finish it to claim their unique rewards. This week, the Leviathan raid is offering The Gauntlet Challenge for players, so if you’ve got the teamwork, coordination, and patience, the Emblem and guaranteed raid drop can be claimed with ease.

The Gauntlet Challenge, Leviathan Raid

Completing The Gauntlet Challenge is easy, but you must first understand how the encounter works. If you’re new to the raid, take some time to check out our Leviathan raid guide so that you know how each section works.

To complete The Gauntlet Challenge, you cannot stand on a pillar more than once during a running phase. What this means is that you cannot stand on the Sun pillar, jump off to kill the Councilor, and then jump back onto the pillar – this counts as standing on it twice.

One of the easiest methods of completing this challenge is to use an “everyone moves and takes turns with jobs” strategy. Essentially, everyone will get a turn at running, everyone gets a turn at killing Councilors, and everyone will get the job of standing on the platforms.

Separate into teams of three and assign each of the following to someone in each of the teams: one person to be the runner, one person to stand on platforms, and one person to kill Counsilors. Begin the encounter as normal, kill the adds, and then prepare. The teams of three should group up on their side – either Dogs or Chalice.

The runner will grab the Psionic Charge while the Councilor killer waits where the Councilor spawns. The platform player will be on the platform ready to shoot an arrow. Once the correct arrows are shot and turn green, the player who stands on the platforms will jump over to the next platform around the circuit while the Councilor killer waits for the Councilor to spawn, and kills it.

After the Councilor dies, the Councilor killer will need to sprint toward the next arrows and shoot them in time for the runner to pass through, at which point they will need to kill the Councilor again. Repeat this process around the circuit until the runner exits. If done correctly, the platform player would have simply jumped from platform to platform, while the Councilor killer just kills each Councilor. You can decide among yourselves who shoots what arrow.

Reset your positions and clear out the enemies, except this time, shuffle up the roles. The idea is that at each running phase, someone will be doing a role they weren’t doing previously. The runner from the previous round will either be the platform player or the Councilor killer.

Repeat this process until everyone has done each of the roles with no one repeating a role. You should also ensure that no one stands on a platform unless it is their turn as a platform player. Once everyone has had a turn running, all players will need to grab the Psionic Charges and complete the circuit. You must have at least four charges in order to complete the encounter. To be safe, ensure no one runs over the plates when finishing the race.

The Gauntlet Challenge is a bit fiddlier than the Royal Pools, but arguably easier due to the lack of enemies during the encounter. It just takes a lot of good communication and remembering not to touch the platforms more than once. Be sure to check out our Destiny 2 Complete Strategy Guide for more tips, tricks, and other handy pieces of information!

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