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Injustice 2 Gets PC Release Date as Open Beta Begins Today [Update]

Those looking to try out the PC version of Injustice 2 will get their chance today, as Warner Bros. gives that version of the DC fighter its final release date.


Warner Bros. first revealed that Injustice 2 would come to PC two weeks ago, announcing that a Steam Open Beta was on its way. The publisher since noted that the October 25 date was an erroneous miscommunication, but Injustice 2's Open Beta now has a new release date.

That date is today, November 6.

To this point, Warner Bros. also hadn't confirmed a release date for its DC Comics-based fighter on PC. That has also changed, with the publisher revealing that the QLOC-adapted project is set to arrive sooner than expected. The PC version is scheduled to arrive next week, with a November 14 release date for both PC and Windows 10.

While the PC version gets set up, NetherRealm is continuing to get set up for Fighter Pack #3. The Atom was already confirmed, but the other combatants (This is Injustice, so "combatants" is not spelled with a "K") are expected to be revealed later this week.

As for Injustice 2's more immediate future, the folks at NetherRealm will take to their Twitch channel on Monday afternoon to reveal details of the game's next balance patch, as well as reveal some new gameplay for the next DLC character: Dark Horse's Hellboy.

Update: Following Monday's Injustice 2 stream, NetherRealm revealed that the contents of Fighter Pack #3 would be revealed during this Friday's ELEAGUE Injustice 2 World Championship, which is set to air on TBS.

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