Destiny 2 - How to Get Better Devils

Get your hands on one of the best Hand Cannons for PvP, Better Devils.


Getting your own Better Devils Hand Cannon is the goal for a lot of Destiny 2 PVP players, especially considering its massive killing potential. With the way loot works in Destiny 2, it’s not just as easy as walking up to a vendor and buying one, you actually need to do specific tasks. It will take a bit of luck, but it’s worth the effort if you want to get your own Better Devils.

How to Get Better Devils

The first step in getting Better Devils in Destiny 2 is knowing exactly where you might find one. The Better Devils is a Crucible-specific Hand Cannon, meaning the only NPC who can give it to you is Lord Shaxx, not Cayde-6, not Failsafe, not even the Gunsmith, Banshee-44.

There are currently three ways to get Better Devils from Lord Shaxx:

  • Through Crucible end-of-match rewards
  • Giving Lord Shaxx Crucible tokens, and
  • Powerful/Luminous Engrams

On the weekly reset, be sure to complete the Call to Arms Milestone, as this will reward you with a Powerful Engram guaranteed to contain gear higher than your current Power level. Due to the small pool of weapons Shaxx has available, you have a good chance of receiving Better Devils, however if you don’t, jump into Crucible.

Playing Crucible matches will reward you with tokens to give to Lord Shaxx. Turning in enough of these will reward you with a Legendary Engram containing Crucible gear. If you want to earn more tokens while playing Crucible, you will need to focus on completing the Challenges while in a match. Once these Challenges are finished, you will receive a small sum of tokens.

Finally, simply by playing Crucible you have a chance of receiving a Better Devils. At the end of each match players are able to receive rewards as a random drop, it’s uncommon, but you might just get lucky and receive the Hand Cannon!

The Better Devils Hand Cannon is up there as one of the best Kinetic weapons currently in the game, along with MIDA Multi-Tool and Origin Story. Even if you don’t receive your Better Devils after dozens of Engrams, it’s important to keep trying, because sooner or later, you’re going to get your own Better Devils and dominate in the Crucible. Check out Shacknews’ Destiny 2 Complete Guide for everything you need to know about Destiny 2.

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