Destiny 2 - Benedict 99-40 Location

Where to find the Emperor's agent, Benedict 99-40.


Finding Benedict 99-40's location in Destiny 2 can be tricky for those not paying attention. While Calus' secret spy robot originally lived below Hawthorne in the Bazaar, he has now since changed location with the release of Season of Opulence. If you want to complete The Invitation and gain access to the Crown of Sorrow raid, you will need to know where to find Benedict 99-40.

Where to find Benedict 99-40

Destiny 2 Benedict 99-40 Location
Benedict 99-40 has moved location from the Bazaar to the Annex.

Benedict 99-40 is now located in the Annex, along with Ada-1 and Drifter. All three main vendors for the Annual Pass have been moved down to this new area. To find Benedict 99-40, you will need to open up the Tower in the Director and navigate to the left side of the map. Highlight the Annex fast travel point and use it to load into the Tower.

Destiny 2 where to find Benedict 99-40
Once you land in the Annex, follow the hallway on the left instead of going up the stairs on the right.

After you arrive at the Annex in the Tower, go to the left of the area, not up the stairs toward Drifter. There will be a little hallway illuminated by a lantern on the wall. Follow this hallway into a room where Benedict 99-40, the Emperor's Advocate can be found. Speaking with him will reveal a quest on first contact, along with some pieces of armor to purchase. Benedict 99-40 will be the primary contact for the Season of Opulence, offering everything Calus has to offer.

Destiny 2 Bendict 99-40 Emperor's Advocate
Bendict 99-40 will be used as the vendor for Season of Opulence.

Benedict 99-40 is like all the other vendors in the tower, except he’s an undercover agent of Emperor Calus. The Calus tokens you were rewarded for completing events in the raid can be given to Benedict in return for Leviathan-specific raid engrams and gear. These engrams will contain either a raid weapon or raid armor, with the potential to include shaders. While the Leviathan raid might be outdated and offer under-leveled gear, it's still worth completing so you can access to the chests in the Underbelly. Be sure to check out our Leviathan raid chest locations guide so you don't miss any!

You will need to return to Benedict 99-40 in order to continue parts of The Invitation quest as well as the old World-Eater quest for those who have yet to complete it. If you forget where to find Benedict 99-40 again, you can also open your map and locate his marker. Track his marker and then follow it through the winding halls of the Annex.

Between the battles, make sure to check out our Destiny 2 complete strategy guide for the latest hints and tips.

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