What Time Does iPhone X Pre-order Start?

Find out how you can secure your pre-order of the iPhone X. 


It’s that time again. It’s about time for pre-orders to open for the newest Apple iPhone that’s coming down the pipeline. Apple faithful are readying their wallets for the iPhone X, which is coming sooner than you might have realized: November 3, to be exact. If you want to snag your own iPhone X by release date, then you’re going to have to make sure you’re armed and ready with the knowledge of how to get one, and fast. Luckily, we’ve got you covered.

What Time iPhone X Preorders Start 

There are several different carriers who will be putting the iPhone X up for pre-order when time officially counts down and the phone becomes available for purchase. If you go through your own cellular carrier, you can simply wait and go to the store or website of your choice to nab one of the pricier phones. But given that the pre-order pages for each phone aren’t yet live and the official pre-order launch begins at 12:00 AM PT/ 3:00 AM ET, you’re going to want to move fast, because everyone else will be as well.

How to Pre-order iPhone X

You’ll want to go ahead and head to the Apple iPhone X official page and keep it on lock until the time rolls around where you can lock in your purchase. Alternatively,

If you’d still rather go through a singular carrier, T-Mobile has an official “pre-order registration” page up that you can sign up at, while Verizon’s pre-order page is already live and waiting for the countdown to begin. AT&T has a much busier page to look at while waiting, and Sprint’s pre-order page lets you go ahead and pick up the phone when it goes live as well.

These pages should give you plenty of buying options, but know that you’ll have two models to choose from: 64GB and 256GB versions. The 64GB version will cost $999 and the 256GB version will cost $1149.

If for some reason you miss out on pre-ordering your iPhone X tonight, don't worry, as they'll still be available in-store in limited quantities on November 3. 

With all that in mind, you should be ready to go by the time pre-orders go live. For more on the iPhone X and what to expect from Apple’s newest smartphone, be sure to check out Modojo @ Shacknews’ primer on the iPhone 8 and iPhone X to decide which one you want to go with before making a snap purchasing decision.

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