This Week at Bungie for October 12, 2017 - End Game Feedback

Bungie has heard your complaints about the end game and has a response.


The Destiny 2 end game has been a hot topic recently. Many players on the DestinyTheGame subreddit feel that, not only is the end game lacking, it’s downright abysmal. These concerns have been amplified by impressions of the Iron Banner, so Guardians have been anxiously awaiting their This Week at Bungie update for October 12, 2017.

This Week at Bungie - October 12, 2017

The post just went live a short time ago, and many topics are covered. I’ll be focusing on the end game chatter, but you can read the entire entry on Bungie’s website.

Regarding the end game, Cozmo had this to say:

In case you're not playing Destiny 2 for several hours per week like myself, let me catch you up on the end game. There's almost nothing to do once you hit the maximum Power level of 305, collect the exotics and snag the best guns. In the original Destiny, gear had random perk rolls, meaning that even if you had the maximum Light at any given time, you could improve your character by getting a better roll for that item. If you had a gun believed to be one of the best, you could still have a bad roll on that weapon and would need to grind for a better one. People weren't massive fans of the grind, but at least there was always something you could do to progress and improve. In Destiny 2, all gear has a static roll. For hardcore Destiny 2 players, there is little reason to log in at this point.

Players are unlikely to see any big changes soon. The process from brainstorming to implementation is a long one, and there are problems with the Destiny 2 end game in every direction you look. The saving factor for players like me will be when I move to PC and begin to level and grind three new characters to 305 Power. That should cover me until the suspected Osiris DLC drop coming this December.

Still, I think that you’ll find that a year or two from now, the Destiny 2 end game shortly after its launch will be regarded as poor.

If you’re working to get your Guardians leveled to 20 and maxed at 305 Power, be sure to study up at the Shacknews Destiny 2 complete strategy guide.

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