Ghost Recon Wildlands PVP Mode Ghost War Is Available For Pre-Load

The Ghost Recon Wildlands developers are opening the doors to unique experiences in Ghost War with custom matches.


Ghost Recon Wildlands' previously announced PVP mode, called Ghost War, will be going live this weekend for an open beta and every platform has the option to pre-load as of today. The developers are putting their full efforts behind this experience with a premier event on Twitch and a series of blog posts, the latest breaking down custom games. 

Wildlands launched with 4-player co-op in an open-world shooter sandbox as its driving force. The PvP mode Ghost War pits players against one another in a 4v4 deathmatch built on a foundation of classed-based tactics. Eight areas from the main game's large map were chosen as PvP battlegrounds and designers added elements to the spaces to make them more balanced and competitive. Five of those eight maps will be available at launch. 

The Ghost War premier event was broadcasted on Ubisoft's Twitch stream and is being rebroadcasted throughout the day so fans and those curious about the game's upcoming mode will get to see all the new mechanics Ghost War brings. Despite only being a beta at the moment, Ubisoft is allowing custom games and shared the details in a blog post.

Quickplay will be available during the open beta but players will have a collection of customization options. For the full roster of maps, you'll be able to choose the time of day that a match starts along with a variety of effects like fog and rain to modify the setting. Other additional options will allow for some fairly unique play conditions:

  • Play with Recon Tower parameters – In Ghost War, the Recon Tower gives you a tactical advantage over your enemies by allowing you to detect their last known position when activated. Changing its parameters allows you to decide when the Recon Tower comes into play during the game, or you can deactivate it completely.
  • Change the Supply Crates’ functionality – By default, interacting with them restores Ammo and Health, but you can have them restore only Ammo or only Health, or deactivate them completely if you want to play the hardcore way.
  • Change whether Adrenaline Rush is triggered or not – When ON, the last living member of a team receives some short-term bonuses (HP regen, faster revive, immunity to suppression) to give their team an extra chance, like a Last Man Standing bonus.
  • Switch whether Friendly Fire is in effect or not.
  • Realistic Magazine Reload – By default, this is set to OFF, but players wanting that extra sliver of realism can activate this option, which, on reload, has players lose any ammo remaining in the replaced magazine. This means that players need to be more careful when reloading, as their ammo pool is limited and Supply Crates are scarce and risky to loot.

The Ghost War open beta, which will take place on September 21-25, is available for pre-load on PS4, PC, and Xbox One. The game received a six out of ten from us when we reviewed it in March, but this new addition could make the full package a great deal more appealing. 

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