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Players Spot PS4 and Xbox One Crossplay In Epic's Fortnite

Some Xbox Live Gamertags were spotting in PS4 matches and things are getting interesting.


A big update for Minecraft back in August rekindled the cross-play conversation as it was revealed that talks between Microsoft and Sony were ongoing when it comes to bringing the Minecraft community together on all platforms. The following month, Microsoft reaffirmed their desire to enable cross-play for more games and it looks like these conversations have quietly born fruit. It’s been revealed that some attentive players have spotted Xbox One and PS4 cross-play in Epic’s Fortnite.

Eurogamer reports that some Reddit users are insisting that cross-play is enabled after spotting some Xbox Gamertags in PS4 matches. How exactly did they spot it? Well, the username had a space in it and PSN doesn’t allow spaces in their names. Some theorized the player was on PC, which has confirmed cross-play with PS4, but images and video of the player on Xbox eliminated that theory. A couple other instances have sprung up since the original catch, including a father and son duo sharing that they were playing on a PS4 and Xbox One.

Despite only being in Early Access, Epic’s sandbox survival/strategy game Fortnite saw a solid amount of success as it climbed to 500,000 players fairly quickly. Not too long after, Epic celebrated one million players by unlocking a new Survival Mode that fans had been asking for and even surprised their fanbase with a PUBG influenced Battle Royale mode. If Sony and Microsoft do officially support cross-play and this isn’t some gigantic error that is sure to lose someone a job, Fortnite’s popularity is going to skyrocket. Even more, this will put the pressure on when future multiplatform games come out.

For those exploring the Fortnite sandbox, check out this Beginner's Guide to make sure you're handling business. We also have the blueprint on increasing your power level and unlocking Hero classes in the game. 

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