Upcoming Esport Competition Has Women Finishing First

Women and Wheels is SimBin Studios' effort to encourage more women to get involved in esports.


Sexism is very alive in the gaming community but the incredibly young esport industry is seeing a few different entities make an effort to be more inclusive. SImBin Studios, a UK developer, announced the Women and Wheels esports racing competition and their explicit goal is to encourage more women to pick up the sticks (or grab the wheel in this particular instance) and improve their skills in a supportive environment.

In a report from Eurogamer, Women and Wheels is being called the very first women-only esports racing competition and it will be launched Fall 2017. SimBin Studios specializes in racing simulations and Studio head Allan Speed says about 7% of their race competitors are women and "that's probably over average" sadly.  "We want to see more women enjoying the thrills and spills of the virtual track, and esports in general," he adds.

Participants will be setting the asphalt ablaze via Steam in pursuit of a handful of prizes including a €3,000 Racing Simulator Chair, racing wheel and pedals sets, a life coaching program, and more. Those interested in participating can check out the Women and Wheels website and sign up here.

"It's a shame we need women-only teams, leagues and competitions in esports," says Women In Games CEO Marie-Claire Isaaman. "But until the sector fully matures, becomes more gender balanced and takes steps to eradicate online bullying and misogyny, they represent a great way to get more women involved by building communities, confidence and skills."

Cheers to this new event and future ones that work to bring more balance to the gaming community. Nielsen recent announced it'd be bringing their highly coveted global analytics to esports and advertisers and other companies get a better look at the inevitable popularity of the medium with women viewers. Hopefully, the NCAA board meeting on esports that takes place next month will be sure to include women competitors on the agenda as well.

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