Stephen King's 'It' Gets a New 8-bit Game

The new Stephen King movie is finally here, and there’s an 8-bit game to go with 'It.'


New Line Cinema isn’t clowning around when it comes to promotional efforts on behalf of the new “It” adaptation. Someone commissioned an 8-bit game tie-in to accompany the film’s theatrical release this week, and you can play it today.

Available on the movie’s official site, It: Enter the Sewer puts players in control of a paper boat floating through the sewers. They can use the arrow keys to move the vessel left and right, hopefully popping the various balloons while avoiding obstacles such as blocks, pipes, and posters. They’ll also have to steer clear of the homicidal clown as they pursue a high score.

It: Enter the Sewer features eerie music and frequent bursts of laughter from the clown, who in this newest cinematic adaptation of the classic Stephen King novel is played by Bill Skarsgård. Previously, Tim Curry assumed the role in 1990’s iconic television mini-series.

The novel was originally published in 1986, as King’s 22nd book. It tells the story of some adults who return home to Derry, Maine to face an evil entity they feared during their childhood (and rightly so, since it was responsible for violently murdering local children).

The newest film adaptation focuses on the youths and their initial encounters with the dark entity, which the children christen “It.” A sequel is in the works, according to Variety, and will focus on the surviving kids as adults. That follows the general format of both the book and the television mini-series.

A red balloon and a paper boat feature prominently in Stephen King’s classic horror story, so it’s natural they appear in a tie-in game. The 8-bit visuals are also fitting, since they feel like something you might have seen when the novel was originally published. Pennywise’s maniacal laugh, however, will never belong anywhere.

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