PUBG Cracks One Million Concurrent Users on Steam

Another milestone crumbles to dust as PUBG entertains one million Steam users at the same time.


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG for short) keeps breaking internal records, and showing other developers how it’s done in the process. Today, the game’s understandably enthusiastic publisher reports the title had 1,018,540 players going at each other all at once, the first time it has managed to reach that particular milestone.

The exciting news came in the form of a tweet, which included a chart showing the game’s dominance over regular rivals such as Dota 2 (which had only 751,666 concurrent users at that time) and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (which had 515,104). Nothing else in the top 10 had even a tenth as many players as PUBG at the time.

Today’s milestone isn’t the first one the wildly popular game has passed in recent weeks. Just a little over a week ago, we reported it when PUBG secured the top spot on the Steam current players chart, which it did by entertaining 877,844 players at once. Then earlier this week, the publisher revealed it has sold ten million units.

PUBG’s continued success is remarkable for a few reasons, including the fact it is still in Early Access. A lot of its rivals also cost a lot less money online, and come from major publishers that have had ample time to cultivate an audience. Dota 2, a free-to-play MOBA from Valve Software, has been on the market for over 4 years. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, from the same publisher and available at an affordable $14.99, has been around even longer than that.

PUBG still has some work to be done, and we know about improvements that are still coming. Some players have had issues with the fog, for instance, and today the game’s official account posted another tweet to let everyone know relief is on the way:

If you would like to try PUBG, you’ll need to spend $29.99 on the Steam store. The game has enthusiastic user reviews from a lot of folks, although many of the more recent ones are less positive and come from folks who have been banned for “stream sniping.” Be nice to Twitch royalty, though, and it sounds like you’ll have a great time. A million plus gamers can’t be wrong!

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