Best Square Enix Classics Deals from GOG's Weekly Sale

More specifically, you can save on numerous PC classics that once were published by Eidos.


The weekly sale at this time around offers significant savings on a variety of games from publisher Square Enix. Available selections are offered at 75 and 80 percent discounts, making this an ideal time to catch up on some classics you may have missed throughout the years.

When you think about Square Enix, you might most readily picture the numerous Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest titles the company has released over the years, but that’s not what this promotion is about. A lot of what you’ll find was originally published by Eidos, which Square Enix ultimately purchased after making a buyout bid in February of 2009.

Discounted games you can buy from GOG this week thus include numerous entries in the Tomb Raider franchise, some of the older Hitman and Deus Ex releases, and a number of Legacy of Kain titles. You can also pick up the original Gex, as well as Deathtrap Dungeon, Daikatana (for considerably less than John Romero recently secured for his physical copy), and numerous others.

Because GOG focuses on “good old games” and many of the above titles fit that description quite readily, prices range from $1.49 to $2.49 as part of this sale. GOG will have a new sale going next week, with some other featured publisher or theme, so you’ll want to act quickly if you plan to fill the gaps in your Eidos collection. The current promotion ends this coming Monday or thereabouts. Do you see any games on the list that you’re particularly likely to finally add to your collection?

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