Telltale Games Bringing Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy to the Nintendo Switch

With both Batman and Guardians of the Galaxy finally making a Switch appearance, the big question is what form their arrival will take.


Telltale Games has lately been one of the more prolific developers on the scene, thanks to its episodic visual novels that tackle a variety of popular properties, but the developer has been relatively quiet on the Nintendo Switch front so far. The situation looks like it is about to change, however, with Nintendo of America recently tweeting to that effect.

“Get ready to defend the galaxy or become the Dark Knight when more @telltalegames adventures arrive on #NintendoSwitch,” the tweet encouraged fans, while offering up an image of the developer’s logo.

Telltale Games has already produced one complete season of its take on Batman on other platforms, and a second one is currently unfolding. Nintendo didn’t indicate which of those projects might be coming, and the publisher hasn’t yet responded to our request for clarification. It’s possible both seasons will make an appearance or come bundled together, much like Capcom’s upcoming Resident Evil Revelations compilation.

Guardians of the Galaxy’s first episode arrived this April, so the timing is just about perfect for a Switch repeat. There’s also no word yet on whether either of the mentioned titles will be available in a physical format, or if they’ll be exclusive to Nintendo’s eShop.

Given its portable nature, the Nintendo Switch seems like it should be the perfect platform to host visual novels, which could easily fill the empty spaces in a morning commute or similar activity. Are you looking forward to getting to know the heroes that are coming soon from Telltale Games, and are there any of the studio’s other properties you would especially like to see come to the Switch?

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