Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle Adds Season Pass For Launch

Weapons, story content and extra maps will be coming in three separate DLC packs. 


Season passes are nothing new for Ubisoft and Nintendo, so you shouldn't be shocked that the upcoming collaboration between the two companies, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, will have one as well. The pass will encompass three separate pieces of DLC, the first coming when the game launches on August 29 for Nintendo Switch.

Players who get the season pass from the Nintendo eShop for $19.99 will get eight Steampunk style weapons as soon as the game is available. Then, some time this fall, new solo challenges and co-op maps will become available. At an undetermined time next year, some "unexpected story content" will also drop.

The game was a surprise hit at E3, despite art of the mashup leaking before the event. The XCOM-style gameplay was the best part of the showing, given that it was an unexpected twist, unless Mario wielding a weapon qualifies. Either way, expect us to be all over the Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle when it comes out next week.

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