Starcraft 2's Next Major Multiplayer Patch Addresses Underused Units

There will be redesigned units across all three races and the resource economy will be rebalanced to allow easier comebacks.


Blizzard constantly proves that their games have really long legs and both Starcraft games are shining recent examples. The remaster for the original Starcraft, which released in 1998, just launched and now the sequel is getting a major multiplayer design patch seven years later.

PCGamer reports that Blizzard is hoping to have a patch ready for November. This particular patch is going to include a redesign that addresses underused units for all three races and the Protoss Mothership Core is being removed entirely. In addition to the unit redesigns, the development team is working to balance things in a way that allows for more comebacks in a match.

"To do this, we’d like to increase the amount of gas on Vespene gas geysers, as well as the large mineral nodes. This means that bases take longer to completely run out, but since it’s only the large mineral node being adjusted, players are still encouraged to take new bases to increase their mineral income rate," Blizzard explained. "This should also decrease some of the pressure on new players to secure new bases right away."

The removal of the Mothership Core is an effort to simplify Protoss defenses in the early game and is something the team will be monitoring once the update goes live. The first version of the update is available in Starcraft 2’s Testing section and the development team is looking for a lot of feedback to get things ironed out before launch. Feel free to also read up on the recent collaboration from Blizzard and Google's Deepmind on the Starcraft 2 API.

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