NCAA Board To Discuss Their Role In Esports This October

The board wants to discuss whether the NCAA can or should play a role in the esports industry.


In a report on Rocket League's new collegiate league, we wondered if the NCAA would consider an official collegiate esports union of their own. As reported by ESPN, it appears the conversation has at least started.

"The majority of varsity programs have been built intentionally to stay separate of the NCAA's oversight, mostly due to the restrictions of operating under the NCAA's bylaws," says Michael Brooks, the Executive Director of the National Associate of Collegiate Esports, in a statement to ESPN. "Unless there are some pretty dramatic exceptions being considered specifically for esports, the NCAA would be unlikely to be able to absorb esports under its banner."

The article shares the NCAA board of governors will be meeting in October and that the esports landscape will a topic of discussion for them. Some colleges already offer scholarships that cover tuition and room and board to esports players and the article mentions a publication dedicated to esports specifically reporting that 40 schools were devoting $4 million to 655 players. 

With universities already dipping a toe into the cool esport waters, hopefully, the governors will come away with a plan to dive fully into the deep end and get things started on a true NCAA esport infrastructure. Though the NCAA has strayed far away from any video game licensing (RIP NCAA Football games), maybe they'll be willing get more involved with esports. We'll update as more information is made available.

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