Dunkin Takes Solar Eclipse Viewing to a Hole New Donut Level With Apple's ARKit

The ARKit isn't widely available yet, but this is a pretty cool marketing move nevertheless.


This upcoming Monday, the 21st of August, marks an extremely rare opportunity for a chunk of the US to experience a total solar eclipse. If you’re worried that you’ll miss for any particular reason or just fancy an alternative eclipse, Dunkin Donuts is taking this opportunity to show off a donut eclipse made possible with Apple’s ARKit.

Reported by UploadVR, the Moonchkin application cross references the phone’s location with star maps to figure out the exact location of the sun. It then drops a moon-sized donut hole over the bright star and boom: Delicious solar eclipse. The application isn’t available to consumers yet so, for now, all we have to experience is the video of the feat.

If you’re curious, the writer researched just how many calories a moon size donut hole would yield. It amounts to 8,212,017 which could fulfill the daily caloric intake of about 2000 average sized humans. A pure diet of donut holes is certainly not recommended by Shacknews, though.

This is nothing incredibly groundbreaking, but just another cool way augmented reality can impact our experiences. This is a cool marketing move by Dunkin and, hopefully, the application and Apple’s ARkit will be made available to users in the future. Also be sure to check out a more productive use of AR in the mean time.

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