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We're all Going to Hell in This Doom 2 Mod For Diablo 2

Doom guy travels to Tristram to help Deckard Cain and it looks awesome.


Some game mashups can be pretty entertaining, but when you combine two different game types already set in demon country, you get a project that looks cool as ... well, hell.

YouTuber Dollom has spent a lot of time modding Diablo 2 and showing the results off on his YouTube page. But now, he has built a tech demo that has merged Doom 2 into the Diablo 2 engine, dubbed Doomiablo, complete with enemies, weapons, and sounds. There is even a duel mode.

It is still very much a work in progress, but the concept is mesmerizing. Seeing Doom guy in an ARPG and collecting loot off demon bodies is a concept that should have fans of both games intrigued. 

Dollom is soliciting feedback for suggestions on things to implement in the comments section of the embedded video below, so if you have some ideas help him out. An obvious quirk is that Doom 2 had no monetary system and you only used what you found. If gold is implemented here, will there be a store to buy a BFG? Can Doom Guy's armor be an elite unique? Will there be a Doomiablo version of the Horadric Cube?

So many questions, not to mention whether Bethesda and/or Blizzard will be happy with the bastardization of their IPs, no matter how interesting or fun. In the meantime, enjoy the trip to hell. In the end it may only be a nightmare.  

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