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Xbox One X Pre-orders Will Be Announced On Sunday During Gamescom

Amazon shot out emails to anyone following the premium console, sharing that pre-order details would be coming from Microsoft will be at Gamescom 2017.


While we already knew which retailers were offering Xbox One X pre-orders, the date that they would go live has been a mystery. Looks like that mystery will be solved soon, as at least one of those retailers has sent out an email blast to those that enabled notifications for preorder info. Microsoft will be announcing pre-order details on this upcoming Sunday, August 20th, during Gamescom 2017.

WindowsCentral spotted the news as a consumer shared this tweet:


You can catch the announcement on Twitch at noon Pacific. And you'll want to pay attention to these retailers just in case they decide to go live during the announcement:

Pre-Order the Xbox One X on Amazon

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at Walmart

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at BestBuy

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at Target

Pre-Order the Xbox One X at GamesStop

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