Developer Imaginati's First Game Is A Planet of the Apes Tie-In

The devs are taking a unique approach to games tied into films with a cinematic 2-3 hr experience. 


Video games based on movies don’t have the most wonderful track record, but it looks like we’re getting another valiant attempt to bring a film world to an interactive medium. Announced today, players will soon be influencing both sides of one of fiction’s most interesting conflicts in Planet of the Apes: Last Frontier.

The announcement comes by way of IGN, who reported that developer Imaginati Studios is working on Last Frontier and it will serve as the devs debut. The game is a cinematic adventure game set between Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the recently released War of the Planet of the Apes, which are modern takes on a series of films started in 1968.

The reveal trailer shows off the bubblings of a scuffle between humans and apes in the Rocky Mountains, with the player making conversation choices on both sides. The apes are of a rogue group that has taken refuge in the mountains but are forced into human territory as supplies become scarce. Characters on both ends are original to Last Frontier, so anything goes when it comes to life or death and there are multiple endings depending on your performance and choices.

Even if Imaginati isn’t an immediately recognizable name to you, the game seems to have some star power behind it. Actor Andy Serkis, who does the motion capture acting for the Apes’ film’s lead character Caesar, leads a performance capture studio called The Imaginarium. That studio has a newly formed gaming division and Imaginarium will be publishing Last Frontier.

The Planet of the Apes films are quite well received, which is an anomaly when it comes to reboots. The report notes that the developers want to create an experience closely related to the films, even aiming for a runtime of 2-3 hours. That last bit is likely surprising to most, but it could be a good way to create a film-based game without fluff or overextension of the license. We’ll have to see when the final game releases.

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