Agents of Mayhem: How to Defeat Hammersmith

Learn how to defeat Hammersmith while playing Agents of Mayhem.


Boss battles are a big part of gaming. Some of our most memorable moments come against larger than life foes who should probably crush us. Often, these boss battles frustrate us and cost us a controller or two, but eventually a feeling of relief washes over us when they fall. Today, we’ll be helping you defeat the Hammersmith boss in Agents of Mayhem.

Hammersmith - Phase 1

The Hammersmith fight takes place at the end of the All You Can Eat mission in Agents of Mayhem, and as the first phase of any boss battle tends to be, is quite easy.

The first phase requires you to take out the Pride Arc Turret, and the best character to do this is Hardtack. His shotgun can chew the Pride Arc Turret up, but the downside is that it takes a bit to reload. Make sure you are breaking the Pride Arc Turret’s line of site, finding cover to evade Hammersmith’s attacks as well.

Hammersmith - Phase 2

The next phase of the Hammersmith fight is all about avoiding damage and lowering your foe’s armor. It involves Hammersmith shooting Dark Matter Energy Balls at you. Wait for him to fire a large one that tracks you, and then shoot it back at him. Run and jump on his platform, blasting him with Hardtack’s shotgun. Keep dodging the Dark Energy Matter Balls and sending them back to Hammersmith. Eventually, his armor will be gone and a cut scene will transition you to the next phase of the boss battle.

Hammersmith - Phase 3

Hammersmith will now connect his platform to the wall and bust out his space laser. There will be a few shield generators around the room. You can’t destroy them, but Hammersmith can. Use these shield generators for cover and let Hammersmith do the work for you. When he destroys one, run up to the core and attack it.

This process will need to be completed a few times, and there will be minions called to disrupt your progress, making this fight deadly on higher difficulties. However, once you’ve tricked Hammersmith into destroying enough shield generators, and you’ve blasted the core a few times, a cut scene will end the boss fight.

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