NBA Live 18 Free Game Demo Starts Tomorrow

From tomorrow, you can start building toward your eventual domination in the retail version of NBA Live 18.


If you have an active Xbox Live Gold or a PlayStation Plus account, you can begin playing the NBA Live 18 free demo on August 11, 2017. Additionally, you can pre-order the game from participating retailers and receive a discount of 33% off the $59.99 USD standard MSRP.

The NBA Live 18 demo is noteworthy because it represents the first time the NBA Live franchise has allowed players to start their career in a demo version of a game, then carry over any progress they make to the eventual retail release.

In the demo, players can become familiar with The Rise, the prologue to a new mode known as The One. That mode lets players make choices as they develop a virtual career in the league and attempt to build a legacy to rival that of the recently announced cover athlete, James Harden.

Also appearing in the demo are “Live Events,” limited-time activities taking place within The One. Players will earn rewards and characters that are available only in that mode when they participate in special activities with unique rules in place. The rewards for participation in those weekly events carry over to the full game, as well.

One highlighted feature of the demo will be an eventual Play Now experience centered on the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors, rivals for the past two years in the NBA finals (each with a championship win during that period).

NBA Live 18 was developed by the team at EA Tiburon, and will reach Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on September 15, 2017. Are you interested in experiencing the new installment in the series?

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