1080p 60 FPS Streaming Coming to PS4 Pro in 5.0 Firmware Update

5.0 focuses on sharing content and continuing to build community through interaction.


Streamers are having a really wonderful week. Elgato bolstered its collection of tools with their own portable green screen for simple Chroma Key solutions and the Cam Link, which shakes up the streaming community with a convenient tool that allows creators to use camcorders and DSLRs as web cams. Now, those that stream using the PS4 Pro, are getting a bit of a treat as the next firmware update unlocks 1080p 60fps streaming on Twitch.

Reported by Eurogamer, Sony’s 5.0 update for the PS4 is going to be pretty thick with interesting changes that are focused on sharing content and building upon that community. First and foremost is the ability to stream 1080p/60fps on Twitch. The fewer hoops streamers have to go through to get the highest quality stream they can on Twitch, the better and this is certainly a boost for convenience if streamers have the bandwidth to make it happen.

Another community interaction driven addition that 5.0 will bring is the ability to follow any account on the PlayStation network platform. You could previously follow specifically curated and verified accounts but this allows players to expand their content networks without pushing the limits of their friends list on PlayStation.

PS4 has a comfortable lead in the home console market but continuing to improve the community interaction is a must. PlayStation Network has taken a lot of fire over the years and arguably still hasn’t topped what Microsoft built with Xbox Live. They benefit greatly from a larger install base so, hopefully, this is just a minor step before a major leap forward.

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