Axiom Verge Has a New Release Date on the Nintendo Switch

We finally know when Axiom Verge will arrive in a physical format on the Nintendo Switch and other platforms.


Axiom Verge is coming to Nintendo Switch as a physical product, and its release date is October 17, 2017. The date is now listed at multiple retail outlets (including Amazon)  that are linked from the publisher’s official site.

Created by indie developer Tom Happ and previously released on Xbox One, Wii U, Vita, PlayStation 4, and Steam as a digital title, Axiom Verge is a “Metroidvania” action game that places players within a hostile environment in the not-too-distant future. They will explore sprawling chambers, gathering upgrades and surviving challenging battles that grant access to the new corridors that lie between them and a battle with the final boss.

On Nintendo Switch, Axiom Verge is available in two formats. The Standard edition, priced at $29.99, features a physical copy of the game. The more expensive Multiverse edition (priced at $39.99) adds a double-sided poster, “The Art of Axiom Verge” art booklet, an exclusive “Making of” documentary, and an original soundtrack CD.

On PlayStation 4 and Vita, Axiom Verge also will be available in two formats, but it is instead priced at $19.99 and $29.99. The Multiverse edition includes the soundtrack CD only with the version of the game releasing for the Switch, which at least partially explains the price difference.

As we previously reported, Axiom Verge was initially expected to arrive this month. Though that date unfortunately slipped, it does look like release on October 17 is all but certain. If you skipped the game’s previous releases, consider looking into it now to find out just what you missed.

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