Your Choices Shape The Joker In TellTale's Batman: The Enemy Within

John Doe aka Joker will be watching your every move in this new season.


We noted in our feature for TellTale’s Batman last year that the game would be taking the Dark Knight in a very different direction in its first season, one that added some new flavor to his rogue gallery and even brought Bruce Wayne’s family into the fold in a unique way. The 2nd season, The Enemy Within, is continuing to push the envelope and the lead writer for the game shared some insight on the new season's direction to coincide with the newly released launch trailer.

The trailer shows off a much darker version of The Riddler, one with contraptions that look to reach levels of violence used by the Saw franchise’s Jigsaw. Riddler and Jigsaw are very similar in how their actions revolve around essentially “playing a game” with their victims, so this isn’t too far-fetched. James Windeler, the lead writer for Enemy Within, reveals an additional unique twist on another staple in Batman’s rogue gallery as well.

TellTale’s modern games are known for allowing players to influence the story’s direction and relationships with NPCs with major decisions that are made for actions or dialogue. The Enemy Within team is taking this to a new level by using the player decisions to shape John Doe aka the “proto-Joker” as he’s called internally at TellTale.

“We want fans to know that their relationship with John Doe (and eventually, the Joker) is something they’ll be affecting with the decisions they make throughout the season,” Windeler says in a blog post that went up today. “As Batman and Bruce attempt to stop the immediate threat to Gotham, John will be watching your every move and learning from your choices. By the end of the story, you will have created your own version of Batman’s classic nemesis through your interactions.”

The clear distinction between John and Joker could hint at him not actually becoming the infamous villain but influencing him in some way, but we’ll have to play through Enemy Within to see what comes of it all. This is a neat way to take a developer’s chief gameplay feature and immersing players even further into an experience in a unique way. The first episode of The Enemy Within will be released on August 8th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices.

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