Hob, the New Game From Torchlight Developer Runic Games, Has a Release Date

Hob won’t make you wait very long to venture into the Torchlight developer’s brand new world.


Hob, a new puzzle/platformer from Runic Games, will be available to PC and PlayStation 4 gamers starting September 26, 2017. The developer announced the news in a PlayStation blog post, while also revealing gameplay details and announcing the game is available for preorder.

As you likely noticed, Hob represents a bit of a departure from the two games that made the developer famous. Its design more closely resembles an adventure game like The Legend of Zelda, with gorgeous forests, dungeons, and meadows just waiting to be explored by the gender-neutral protagonist (who is definitely not named Hob).

“We know it’s a big change from what our fan base is used to,” Wonder Russell wrote about the shift in style, “but we are gamers ourselves who, like you, love playing a variety of games! Just like we put our own style and spin on the dungeon-crawler genre, we’ve put our own style and spin on the puzzle-platformer genre. We are immensely proud of Hob, and hope that if you loved our previous games, you’ll love Hob as much as we do.”

The world Hob depicts seems a bit strange, with chunks of land you won’t be able to access until they rise from the hidden depths and lock into place. Wild creatures roam the expanding wilderness, and you’ll need to collect shards to upgrade your sword so you can deal with the most vicious of them. However, no critter is necessarily good or evil, which is something to keep in mind as you explore.

If you’re interested in Hob, as we are, you might want to go ahead and place a preorder. Those who do so can take advantage of a 10% discount off the game’s regular price, and will access the “world-shift” theme on their PlayStation 4 (when ordering for that system). It could be a great way to become extra immersed in the world Runic Games has created.

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