Dying Light Isn't Actually Dying, So Techland Will Add 12 Months of DLC

The community has played a big part in the change of direction, and the first piece of free content has already dropped as a thank you.


Developer Techland had promised to move on from supporting Dying Light by the end of 2016, but an amazing thing happened. Apparently the community was still firmly invested in the title. The result is that Techland will be saying thank you to the community with 10 new pieces of free DLC over the next 12 months, with the first drop already out now.

“We’ve been keeping an eye on the figures since the beginning and found that the numbers are still astonishingly high, even 2,5 years after release," Producer Maciej Laczny told Shacknews in an email. "We had a few discussions about what we could commit to, considering that Techland has the two yet unannounced AAA projects going on currently as well as our publishing arm is working on two other titles. Thanks to the great demand for more Dying Light content, we came to the conclusion that only by creating more content, we can show our appreciation for our community."

Laczny said that, despite the other projects, Techland decided to create a special team dedicated just to the DLC. "When we looked at the plans and how we would like to get feedback from the community after every DLC drop, we decided that 10 DLCs will be doable to the high standard that our players are used to,” he said.

Content Drop #0 has already made it way to PC users, with the console version coming in September. While some companies offer free DLC that is just a few skins and maybe a new reskinned enemy with a different name, this one actually sees a bit fleshed out. Players get a new faction of soldiers, a new zombie enemy called the Mutated Goon, a Hunted player outfit, and a new weapon called the Harran Military Rifle. The weapon is available exclusively through Techland's digital platform Gemly.

To celebrate the drop, Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition is now 60% off on Gemly.

Neither of the two AAA projects that Techland is working on are Dying Light 2, so the move to doing a year's worth of content for a game that supposedly would be on life-support at the end of last year is a tribute to the community vocal endorsement of the game. Techland also deserves special props for changing course and listening to - and rewarding - its fans. Maybe the support will also mean a Dying Light 2 down the road.

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