Apple iOS 10.3.3 Update Closes Broadpwn Exploit

Wi-fi vulnerability left Broadcom chips susceptible to hacker takeover.


Apple has released new iOS update 10.3.3 to close off a vulnerability in the wi-fi chip of its products. Under the right circumstances, hackers can remotely take over iPhone, iPad and iPod devices unless the new patch is applied.

The vulnerability, dubbed Broadpwn because of the potential of hackers to "pwn" the Broadcom wi-fi chip, was discovered by Nitay Artenstein, a security researcher with Exodus Intelligence. He also discovered a similar exploit on Android chips, prompting a similar patch from Google earlier this month for HTC, LG and Samsung devices. Artenstein is planning a presentation on the exploit at the annual Black Hat conference later this month in Las Vegas, CNet has reported.

Apparently, the vulnerability was so bad that the National Institute of Standards and Technology rated Broadpwn a 9.8 out of 10 on its severity scale.

The 10.3.3 update affects iPhones 5-7, fourth generation iPads and later, and sixth generation iPod Touch devices. It is basically a maintenance patch, fixing other security issues with apps Safari, Contacts, and Messages, as well as key frameworks CoreAudio, WebKit, and the kernel. This will likely be the last update before Apple upgrades to iOS 11 this fall.

Just so we're clear, Broadpwn bad, 10.3.3 iOS update good. Patch your Apple device now. 

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