Titanfall 2's Operation Frontier Shield DLC Coming Next Week

Four-player horde mode and two new maps are coming for free.


Titanfall 2 hasn't gotten much support from publisher EA since it launched late last year, but that hasn't kept developer Respawn Entertainment from pushing forward with the DLC for its dedicated fans. It's next free update is Operation Frontier Shield, which offers a new horde mode, two maps and more. It will launch on July 27.

In the four-player horde mode, called Frontier Defense, players defend their Harvester against five waves of increasingly difficult enemies. Between waves, you can earn cash to spend on Titan upgrades before the next wave starts. The mode will be available in Easy, Regular, Hard, and Master difficulty levels. Titans will also be able to earn new Aegis ranks from completing Frontier Defense matches. Five maps will support the new mode, including Homestead, Forwardbase Kodai, War Games, Blackwater Canal, and a new map coming in the DLC, Rise.

In addition to Rise, a new Live Fire map is being added called Township. There are a few extra goodies as well, including new warpaints for Titans.

If you haven't tried the game yet, Titanfall 2 will have a free multiplayer weekend from July 28-30 on all platforms. The free weekend will include the training gauntlet, the single player mission The Beacon, and full access to multiplayer. A demo for the training and the single-player is already out, so you can prep your skills ahead of time in advance to the beginning of the multiplayer battles on July 28. 

Hopefully fans will continue to show support for the game, even though EA has set the game up to fail.

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