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Full SDCC 2017 Event Schedule

The full event schedule for every panel at SDCC 2017.


San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 is just around the corner. Attended by up to 130,000 people in recent years, SDCC is the biggest of all the Comic-Cons, and this year will run from Preview Night on July 19 to July 23, the final day of panels. That’s a lot of panels, so it’s a good thing that the official website has the full SDCC event schedule posted.

SDCC 2017 Event Schedule

Whatever it is you’re looking to catch at SDCC 2017, the full event schedule has you covered. Of course, that is an awful lot to sort through, so the organizers suggest using the MySCHED feature on the Comic-Con website.

This tool allows you to create an account, browse through the programming schedule, and mark which panels you’d like to attend. Once your list is complete, you can either print it off if you’re attending the convention in person and need a physical list, or you can synch your favorites using the official Comic-Con mobile app.

However, knowing when the panels you wish to watch take place is only half the battle. There isn’t an official Comic-Con Twitch channel, or dedicated way to watch. Your best bet is to follow the Comic-Con Twitter account, and use their announcements to keep track of where you can catch the presentations. It’s likely to send you to all corners of the internet, but if you plan the panels you want to see in advance, you should be able to track down any available ways to watch them.

Shacknews will be sending its very own Video Editor, Greg Burke, to SDCC 2017. Follow Greg Burke on Twitter if you’d like to get some exclusive looks at what this year’s Comic-Con has to offer. At the very least, you’ll end up with about 27 amazing Greg Burke selfies.


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