PUBG Adding First-Person Servers In Its Next Update

Players who prefer third-person mode won't be forced to play on those servers.


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has been a surprising hit, and they continue to add new features from fan feedback. One of those requests is first-person hardcore servers. and surprise, that will be coming in its next update.

Using the hashtag #MakeHardcoreGreatAgain, creative director Brendan "PlayerUnknown" Greene tweeted out the news to fans. He said the update will be rolled out first to North America and Europe solo and duo games,  but would eventually make its way to the rest of the world after more "polish."

And those who are happy with the third-person regular mode won't have to make a change. "You will not be forced to play on 1st person servers," he said. 

The game, which originally started as an Arma 3 mod before launching as a standalone game in March, has sold more than four million units and made more than $100 million as of last month, according to publisher Bluehole. Earlier this week, it briefly passed Counter-Strike: Global Offensive in concurrent users on Steam. The dev team also continues to police its game carefully, having banned more than 25,000 cheaters since launch.

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