The 10 Most Annoying Pokemon in Pokemon Go

These common pieces of pocket lint don't deserve to become extinct as soon as possible.


If you are still playing Pokemon Go as it approaches its one year anniversary, then you will likely be able to empathize with this list. The commonality of these little buggers just tended to clutter up your screens, waste your Pokeballs with their dodge, and be nothing more than an endless supply of useless candy from the Professor Willow.

Here is our totally unscientific and unordered list of the most annoying Pocket Monsters in Pokemon Go that deserve to be extinct as soon as Niantic's anniversary patch goes live.

1. Rattata

We'll get this annoying rat out of the way first. How trainer Joey could ever focus on this creature seriously makes you question his judgement. There are so many of these pieces of Pokeball fodder running around that's it's a wonder there isn't a poison berry we could give them that would rid Rattatas from PokeStops. It's only evolution is Raticate, but again, it would be more satisfying to see it evolve into something dead.

2. Pidgey

Yes, you knew this one would follow, didn't you? This bird-brain is everywhere, reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds, but with much less interest. What makes this creature even more frustrating is that you have to keep collecting enough of them to evolve it three times - to Pigeotto, then Pigeot - to fill in the Pokedex. Can we get Pokestops to give us BB guns for these?

3. Caterpie

This little green bug evokes the vision of stepping in feline urine. The frequency of its appearance makes you want to run away for fear of it infesting the area with Caterpie offspring. It only takes 12 candies to evolve, but the evolution is the just-as-useless Metapod, before finally evolving into a Butterfree. Once you get one of each to fill out the Pokedex, just save your Pokeballs.

4. Weedle

To misappropriate and bastardize an old ad slogan, Weedles waddle, but they don't go away, ever. These worms are essentially yellow variants of Caterpie, with the same useless second evolution of Kakuna, then finally Beedrill. I would have paid real money in the Pokemon Go store for bug spray to eradicate all these bugs.

5. Magikarp

The ONLY reason to ever farm this is so you can trade it to Professor Willow to get 400 candies so it could be evolved into a Gyarados. Save the highest CP one you could find and dump these koi wannabes as quick as you got them. If only we could get an animation of Gyarados eating every Pokemon on this list, it would make grabbing Magikarp all the more satisfying.

6. Ekans

Ekans. Why'd it have to be Ekans? Yes, the Pokemon that is snake spelled backwards is even more annoying than its real-life reptilian counterpart. And surprise! It evolves into Arbok, and guess what that spells backwards? Pokemon fans know all this, but as popular as Pokemon Go became with non-fans, the stupidity needed to be pointed out considering that we were slapped across the face with it every time one of these spawned.

7. Zubat

This little bloodsucker isn't quite as common as the others, but it proved incredibly annoying because its flight and dodge made it increasingly likely you would waste extra Pokeballs just trying to catch it. Once you evolved him to Golbat, it was almost always advisable to ignore its spawns, unless you come across one that has an almost capped CP.

8. Paras

This little parasite appears to be a cuter version of Krabby, but it is just another annoying bug and grass monster, and almost as common as ants. It evolves into Parasect, which is a slightly more respectable entity, but not by much. Sadly, you needed 50 candies to get to Paras' evolution. Again, another prime candidate for eradication, likely by flea collar.

9. Bellsprout

Bellsprout gets a couple bonus points for being cute, but again, the frequency of these poisonous weeds soon outweighed the cute factor. It evolved into the weird-looking Weepinbell, but its saving grace was the evolution into Victreebell, several of which would have made a perfect bouquet for the ex-wife. 

10. Oddish

Oddish is another rather cute weed, likely designed as salad fodder for hated enemies. The evolution into Gloom isn't much better, with the pocket monster looking like it ate one too many Oddishes before entering a drug-induced haze. The final evolution into poisonous mushroom Vileplume is the only reason to keep hunting Oddishes. Otherwise, the Professor Willow slice & dice option was welcome.

Bonus: The 2 Km egg

While eggs are always good to get, the 2 Km variety invariably produce one of the above annoying Pokemon, which makes hatching one almost the waste of an incubator. Note to Niantic: Give us an option for the 2 Km omelet. I'll pay.

We'll close with this appropriate Ctrl-Alt-Del cartoon by Tim Buckley that perfectly sums up our feelings on these annoying pocket monsters.

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