Less Than One Percent of Players Have Beaten Tumbleseed

Only 0.2% of players who own Tumbleseed have completed it. Now the developers are addressing the difficulty in a new update, available on Steam.


Tumbleseed was released earlier this year across multiple platforms, and if you picked it up it is very likely that you have not beaten the game. In a recent Tumbleseed Postmortem blog post, developer Greg Wohlwend announced the 4 Peaks Update has been made available on Steam.

Please take a look at these extensive patch notes:

New Modes
  • Forest, Jungle, Desert, Snow mountains: Individually themed mountains that are the same every time you play. You can also complete quests that will unlock new auras for you to use! (more info below)
  • Weekly Challenge: Every Sunday a new mountain will be playable and you can replay it as many times as you want. Share strategies and tips with friends to optimize your score so all of you can race to the top of the Weekly leaderboard together!

General Changes
  • Added new achievements for beating new mountains!
  • Auras in the basecamp: Up to 12 auras can be unlocked that will be accessible in the fort in the basecamp. Unlock them by completing quests in the NEW Forest, Jungle, Desert, and Snow modes.
  • Daily and Weekly Challenge will have 4 of the 12 basecamp auras randomly spawn (regardless of unlock progress)
  • Removed teleporters from the game. You can still practice individual biomes in the new biome-specific mountains
  • You can remove an aura at the shrine near the top of a temple
  • Removed quests from Adventure Mode.
  • Tutorial now enters the Forest mode upon completion instead of Adventure mode.
  • Added rumble to XInput enabled controllers on Windows

Balance Changes
  • Added 8 new auras:
    • Power Copter: Increases bounce height and slows descent speed
    • Timestretch: Increases duration of time-based abilities
    • Capitalist: Enemies drop more crystals
    • Charisma: All town mini games and shops are more financially in your favor
    • Forcefield: All damage taken is reduced to 1 damage (including spikes)
    • Freefall: Don't take damage from falling in holes
    • Thorn: Don't lose thorns when taking damage
    • Sneak: Become invisible when moving slow enough
  • Removed Poison Shots aura from the game
  • Removed Teleporter Auras from the game
  • Vampire aura now gives you some crystals back when killing 2 and 3 HP enemies
  • Auras no longer fall off when taking damage
  • Current aura now simply swaps positions with new aura when picking one up (no longer flies in the air)

Seed Powers:
  • Bounceberry: launch height decreased back to previous value
  • Bounceberry: price changed back to 1 from 0
  • Missile Root: Missile now does 2 damage on impact. Shrapnel can no longer hit the target that the main missile hit.

  • Banana Snakes and Purple flyers now have a slight variance in speed when chasing you
  • Pit bomb is more visible in holes
  • Corrected Black and Purple leaping enemy hitboxes (their back half used to not hit you)
  • All flyers now obey invisibility

  • Limit on hearts now set to 30
  • Added a clearer sound cue for when sink holes are opening up

    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed various quests being able to be completed in the seed power test chambers
    • Flailflower will no longer continue to swing when in the seed select menu
    • Fixed issue where Banana Snake's mouth would continue to turn when in seed select menu

Greg went on to provide a breakdown of where players ran into problems.

"But unlike press and streamers, we have solid data from our leaderboards about how many people are actually hitting their heads against our game and where."

Percentage of players that...

  • 0.2%    Beat the game
  • 0.8%    Reached tne Summit
  • 1.8%    Reached the Snow
  • 8.3%    Reached the Desert
  • 41%    Reached the Jungle

With 0.2% of players actually completing the game, it is no shock that the developers of Tumbleseed have pushed this update. It remains to be seen if this is too little too late for Tumbleseed. This five person team developed a game that was likely harder to beat than Battletoads, and they deserve some praise for that. At the same time, they understand that the game has to be fun in order to sell. They got so much right with the art style and gameplay mechanic that there is some hope for Tumbleseed with this 4 Peaks Update. No mention of when the update will hit consoles, but they are working on it. 

Here is an interview we shot with Tumbleseed developer Benedict Fritz at GDC 2017 at the Nindies Showcase and we highly recommend you read the full Tumbleseed Postmortem from Greg Wohlwend.

For more videos, including gameplay and interviews, visit the Shacknews and GamerHub.tv YouTube channels.

Tumbleseed is part of the Steam Summer Sale.The game is selling at a 20% discount ($11.99) until July 5th and the 4 Peaks Update is live on Steam.


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