Catch Up With All of Shacknews' E3 Podcasts

It was a big show this year, and we have six podcasts to show for it. If you missed any of them, catch up here!


E3 is behind us and we're all buckling down for the busy year ahead after seeing a veritable shipload of games slated for the coming months. In the midst of the busy show, we sat down for several podcasts: every day, from Saturday to Thursday. If you missed some, catch up now for all of our thoughts on the conferences, standout games, the state of the show, and more. Subscribe or check below for individual episodes.

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day -2

E3 came early this year! EA kicked off the event by holding its press conference on a Saturday, and the Chattycast is here to talk all about the first day's festivities. We recap the EA press conference, give firsthand impressions of Star Wars Battlefront 2, and look ahead to tomorrow. 

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day -1

E3 draws ever nearer, and the Chattycast returns with another special edition. This late-night chat goes a little off-the-rails as we get more loopy, but you'll still find plenty of talk about hands-on with EA games, Microsoft's and Bethesda's conferences, and what we expect and hope to see tomorrow.

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day 0

The crew is back with one more pre-E3 episode before the big event. In it, we talk about some games at the Microsoft showcase, recap the Ubisoft and Sony press conferences, and turn our eyes toward the very last pre-E3 event of the year: Nintendo's morning presentation. It's all leading up to the big show, and Shacknews will be live streaming with special guests throughout all three days. Make sure to come watch and tune in for our post-show!

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day 1

The Shacknews crew wraps a full day of live interviews with our annual post-show tradition. We chat about the Nintendo conference, Mario Odyssey, Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, Days Gone, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, Wolfenstein 2, and much more. Plus we recap some of our interviews from throughout the day. Stay tuned for more live interviews and another post-show episode tomorrow!

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day 2

With day two of E3 behind us, the Shacknews Live post-show took a fond look back at some of our favorite and most memorable games and interviews from throughout the day: Super Mario Odyssey, Fire Emblem Warriors, Call of Duty: WW2, Destiny 2, Total War: Warhammer, and much more. We've got one more day ahead!

Chattycast E3 2017 Special: Day 3

Shacknews is back with its final E3 post-show of the year. The crew assembles one more time to have a long talk about some of the show's highlights and low-lights, the first E3 open to the public, and the state of the show as a whole. We wrap it all up with a contest to give away some show swag and a Nintendo Switch! Listen for details on how to enter, and thanks for supporting us throughout this year's conference!

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