Everything Electronic Arts Announced at EA Play for E3 2017

EA didn't technically hold a press conference this year, but its EA Play event was still packed with announcements.


Electronic Arts again was a no show at the E3 show this year, but they still had a presence within striking distance of the convention with EA Play 2017. Some of the bigger EA franchises were on display, as well as first look at a couple of new ones. Here's what EA revealed at their show.  

Star Wars Battlefront 2 multiplayer on display

We already knew that the single-player campaign was going to focus on the Imperial side of the story, but we also got a look at the multiplayer. The map showcased was on Naboo, set in the prequel era of the game. Players can expect the game to cover all three eras of the movies, with EA promising plenty of content for the game over the next several years. 

Anthem is BioWare's new IP

All we knew about this previously was that its codename was Dylan, and that it was perhaps the largest project BioWare had ever undertaken. EA showed a teaser for the game, including the menacing game world and some of the exosuits that would be prominent as part of game play. However, they left the bulk of the reveal to Microsoft's press conference the following day. The game won't be out until sometime in fiscal year 2019.

NBA Live 18 shows the franchise still exists

Despite not being THE NBA game most know, EA debuted the next installment in the series after a year's hiatus. Story mode, something added to FIFA last year and Madden this year, will be debuting, along with new mechanics and 5-on-5 street games when you don't want to play the standard NBA game. A demo will be coming in August.

Need for Speed Payback will be out in November

The Need for Speed franchise is returning with a new story focusing on three driver going after a gambling crime family for a bit of revenge. While going through the campaign, players will be able to complete challenges and events to enhance their vehicles as the competition gets tougher. It looks to be everything we've come to expect from the series, and maybe a bit more. The game will hit shelves on November 10.

A Way Out is a surprise and looks great

One of the more interesting reveals from EA Play was A Way Out, coming from the developer of Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The trailer showed two men breaking out of prison, with each showing their various motivations as the game progresses. The split-screen offering will let two players take the role of each character, with an open-world experience allowing multiple ways to accomplish tasks. Look for the game sometime next year. 

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar

It would be an EA Play without showing something from the publisher's most popular franchise. Battlefield 1 got its time with the reveal of In Name of the Tsar DLC, which will focus on multiplayer and the Russian front. As with every expansion, there will be new maps, characters and weapons, and female soldiers will hit the battlefield for the first time. Prior to launch, EA will release two more maps from the French campaign. In the Name of the Tsar will be coming in September.

Madden NFL 18 adds a story mode

As with FIFA the year before, EA has added a Story Mode to Madden. This story, called Longshot, will focus on a University of Texas player named Wade trying to make it in the NFL. You can expect the usual tweaks, balances and roster changes the franchise usually offers with its yearly updates. The game will be out on August 25. 

FIFA 18 story mode again focuses on Alex Hunter

The fictional Alex Hunter, star of FIFA 17's new Story Mode, will be making his return in FIFA 18. This time most of the world's best futbol players know about him, and make a rather convincing argument for their video-game-only counterpart. The game will launch on September 29.

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